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Russian chat roulette

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The resource is a convenient means of communication, communication on any topic that does not require prior registration.Many people are accustomed to contacting such chats to find out answers to vital questions, etc.All users have their own profiles with photos, information about themselves and their contact details, so the site is completely safe and uses the latest encryption tools, so that no profile owner can find out your correspondence.

The essence of the game

Chat Roulette has two main features: monologues and videos.

Monologues are the text part of the video chat, where you can not only chat with the interlocutor, but also ask him questions or comment on his answers.

During a video chat, a video without words may contain pictures that show your virtual communication.

If you just want to chat, then you need to indicate your data in the comments, indicate which chat you prefer and select one of the interlocutors for communication.

During non-working hours on the Home page, you can watch videos without being distracted from the process itself.

When the other person answers your question, you read the text that appears at the bottom of the screen.

You can mute the chat and read or reply to your message.

All communication takes place in Russian.

There are two types of communication - commenting and direct communication.There are audio recordings for commenting, only video communication is available for direct communication.Every 5 minutes across the country there is an update of the video chat - this means that you have new interlocutors.Your interlocutor can read your answer and continue the conversation.If you want the same person to periodically appear as an interlocutor, then you need to do the following:

Go to the ChatRoulette section (it is located in the top menu on the left) and select the "Video Chat" section.

Click on the "Start Chat" button to watch the video broadcast.

When joining Chat Roulette, you become a member of the main page of the site in Russian and choose one of the existing interlocutors.

After selecting the interlocutor, you can start chatting with him.After the answer of your interlocutor, you will see his "Comments" tab.There you can write something and send it to him.If a video was recorded with your interlocutor, it will be shown

Chat Roulette is a popular Russian-language video chat, visited daily by a large number of users from Russia and the CIS countries.It is an analogue of well-known English-language portals, which are very popular among people from different countries of the world.With the help of Russian video chat roulette, which has a simple, intuitive interface, you can enjoy pleasant online communication, as well as make new interesting, and often useful, acquaintances via the Internet.You will not have any language difficulties in the process of communication, because the vast majority of Russian video chat users speak Russian.

Our service is open to all people who are looking for new intriguing acquaintances.Now you only need three things for this: a webcam, a microphone and a good mood.Chatroulette has already earned popularity: more than two million people are registered in total, and the user base is replenished by 3,000 people every day.Chat-Ruletka.com works on the principle of casual dating.You turn on the camera, press "Start" and the system selects a random interlocutor for you, with whom you can start communication or press "Next" if you do not like this user.

Our video chat Roulette provides a lot of opportunities for communication.With it, you can make acquaintances, get new impressions, expand your life horizons.The possibilities of such communication are much wider than with ordinary Internet correspondence, because it allows the interlocutors to see each other using a webcam.If you feel a thirst for communication,video chatwill help you realize these desires.

Features of Chat Roulette

Video dating: record your profile on video

In addition to video chat, you can record a video profile that will participate in the search.Like interesting profiles, write messages and add users as friends.

Private messages: add users as friends

In addition to video questionnaires, in the latest version of our video chat, we have added the ability to send private messages.To send a message, add the interlocutor as a friend.

Instant registration and user-friendly profile

Our video chat is free and distributed without registration, however, in order to fully take advantage of all its features, you will still be asked to register.Registration is as simple as possible and will not take you more than 30 seconds - you just need to enter your e-mail and then confirm it by clicking on the link sent.In your personal profile, you can easily specify your desires to select an interlocutor and the chat search will take place according to your preferences.

Why replenish the balance in your account?

The Chat-Ruletka.com website is a freemium service, which means that you can use our video chat for free, but in order to use all the options and search only for girls in the chat, you will be asked to top up the balance and then further use of the video chat will become full.It is absolutely voluntary, if you have no desire, you can use our video chat even without registration, just by clicking the "Start search" button.However, if you want to record profiles, add users as friends and communicate specifically with girls, we suggest you remove the restriction.

The principle behind chatroulette

Chatrouletteworks on the principle of random dating.Using this online service is extremely easy.You won't have to go through tedious registration procedures, fill out lengthy profiles with detailed information about yourself, etc.Entering the site Chat-Ruletka.com, you will just have to press the "start" key, and then wait for your interlocutor.Your interlocutor can be a person from any corner of the planet.After talking with the female interlocutors for a while, you can decide whether you want to continue talking or not.If you realize that your interlocutor is boring, then you can continue the search by clicking the "next" button.

Video chat Chat-Ruletka.com is free and anonymous.For many users, these factors are decisive.Another advantage of such communication is the unpredictability of the result, which provides a lot of exciting emotions.

Video chat dating is a new way to find a good friend

Internet services that provide the possibility of online dating are extremely popular today.This kind of interactive dating allows modern people to have a good time.Many people today find it difficult to talk on the street with an unfamiliar girl.Because of this, their social circle is limited.Video chat provides modern people with a lot of new, previously inaccessible, opportunities for communication.In addition to video chat, you can record a video profile that will be used in the search.You can also upload avatars and add users of interest to you as friends.

Video chat is a voluntary communication between two people - any of them can interrupt the conversation at any second without explaining the reasons (everything, as in ordinary life, with the only difference that this communication takes place at a distance).Neither you nor your interlocutor are obliged to give their real names, indicate addresses, give contact details - this is not prohibited, it is welcome (after all, the chat was created in order to "reduce" lonely hearts), but you yourself determine with whom you would like to chat outside the chat, and with whom you would not.

Chat Roulette with girls is real!

The girls in chat roulette are not some kind of paid agents whose task is to lure and entertain men who have entered this chat.These are ordinary girls who, like you, ended up on this chat in search of their soul mate or a pleasant companion.In this regard, the Chat-Ruletka.com video chat can be called a service for dating, with the only difference being that the acquaintance takes place in the mode of random selection and online communication without prior "meaningless" correspondence with the person depicted in the "photo" - both the guy and the girl sees her interlocutor and understand that these are not fake photos, but a real person.Some guys, afraid of being rejected, are embarrassed to approach girls in public places to talk and get to know them.

Chat-Ruletka.com video chat is not just entertainment and a way to have a good time.It is also an opportunity to find your soul mate.Chatroulette with girls allows young people to establish easy communication with the fair sex, making them more relaxed, sociable and charming.Chatroulette with girls is a convenient platform where you can chat with a random person.In principle, such an acquaintance is not much different from a casual acquaintance on the street, which can also be called "life roulette" - you never know who a modest beauty will actually turn out to be.

Pleasures of random acquisition: video chat roulette

So, you went to Chatroulette, registered - what's next?You can choose the gender of the partner yourself, or the system itself will offer you an interlocutor for dating.You start communication, and then, as you're lucky:

ChatRulet is a great way to talk to a stranger.

The rules for communicating with girls in chatroulette are extremely simple:

Benefits of chat roulette with girls

What are the main advantages of visiting roulette chat with girls?There are basically two of them:

First, the experience of personal communication with a girl completely unfamiliar to him will not hurt anyone.The element of shyness and enslavement is reset - despite visual contact, you understand that you are far from each other and by and large this conversation does not oblige you to do anything (the effect of a fellow traveler on the train, only even more loyal to shy people).

Secondly, unlike traditional video chats, here you can really find a pleasant interlocutor, and not just appreciate the natural charms of the interlocutor.

Are you still thinking?Feel free to go toChatroulette with girlsand evaluate all the advantages of casual dating from our own experience.

Chat Roulette - video chat around the world

Chatroulette(the name comes from the word "Chatroulette") is an online video chat around the world, which is a place where you can interact with new people using a webcam and microphone, but in order to use it, you must have Adobe Flash Player installed latest version.

A visitor to our site comes across a randomly selected interlocutor and starts communicating with him, if suddenly he didn’t like the interlocutor, he can be easily changed to another one (for this you need to click on the “Next” button).

The main features of our chat:

Our chatroulette has no analogues and is fundamentally different from other chats.Below you can see 5 benefits:

  1. Quick registration- in order to start working with the service, you do not need to spend a lot of time.Registration takes only 5 minutes.

  2. Round-the-clock access- you can enter the chat at any time of the day and find yourself an interlocutor: a man or a woman.

  3. Huge audience coverage- every day a large number of users from all over the world visit the site.You can find an interlocutor from the USA, Denmark, Great Britain, Russia, Spain, Italy and so on.

  4. Stable search for friends- you do not have to sit on the site all day to meet interesting people.Record a video message to users and tell about yourself.People will definitely look at the record and contact you.You can also search for friends in the same way.

  5. Gender selection- only here you can choose the gender of the interlocutor and filter out people with whom you do not want to communicate.

Separately, it is worth noting that we comply with all the rules.For gross insults towards users and the manifestation of nationalism or racism, a lifetime block is provided.Report the violation to the moderator and make our video chat even better.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

How to turn on the webcam?

There is nothing difficult in this.First, connect the webcam to the USB port if you bought it separately for your personal computer.After that, a message about connecting a new device should appear.If this does not happen, then it is quite possible that the port is down.Connect the camera to a different USB port (usually there are at least 4 on modern PCs).

After that, you need to install the driver that comes with the webcam.Follow the instructions of the program and at the end check the operation of the driver.It allows you to test video recording, take photos, edit FPS, etc.If the driver did not come with the camera, then type the model name into the search engine and find the latest program on the manufacturer's official website.

On laptops, everything is much simpler - the driver is already installed, and the webcam is built-in, so you do not have to worry about the USB port or driver version.

You also need to make sure that you have installed Adobe Flash Player for the correct display of the video in the browser.

Imagine that you have already passed the preparatory stage and the camera is working correctly.Then it’s up to the small thing - go into the chat andselect your gender, then click on the “turn on the camera” button, after which a sign will appear in which you need to mark 2 points - “allow” and “remember” and then press the close button.

After that, you can easily use the webcam in a video chat (it will turn on automatically without any extra settings).

How to turn on and set up the microphone?

Microphone setup is a real problem for most chat users.Firstly, hissing often appears due to incorrect device settings.Secondly, even more often it does not work at all and the interlocutor does not hear you.For the correct operation of the device, the following preparatory procedures must be carried out:

  1. Connect the microphone to the motherboard.To do this, connect it to the rear connector on the system unit.As a rule, it is marked in pink.Laptops have the same headphone and microphone port, so you often need to buy an adapter (it's cheap and small).

  2. You can verify that the microphone is working correctly after checking the driver.Go to the start device manager and check for drivers.If there are unidentified devices, then download the driver through the official website of the manufacturer.After that, your microphone will appear in the sound devices.

  3. Go through the start to the control panel, and through it to the "hardware and sound" section.There, in the "record" section, you will find your microphone.Click on it and click on the "properties" button on the side.There you can turn it on and start listening.

  4. Be sure to adjust the levels to get rid of the noise and make the sound clear.Also remove all sound effects in the "improvements" tab.

You can perform all of the above procedures through the Realtek HD Manager.You can also enter it through the section in the control panel - hardware and sound.

How to unmute the microphone in video chat?

Right-click on the application, then select the "options" tab from the slide-out menu.There, click on the microphone icon.In the slide-out menu, select your microphone model, and then adjust the recording volume (you can put the slider in the middle).

After that, your interlocutor will clearly hear your voice, and the microphone will work smoothly for a long time.

For what purposes can I use Chatroulette?

From getting rid of fears to traveling to other countries - the list is very wide and it all depends on your fantasies.Below you can see the main purposes of using Chatroulette:

  1. Rest- after a hard day's work, you want to relax and finally forget about work.In the chat, you can chat on neutral topics, discuss video games, sports, music, talk about yourself or your interlocutor, and so on.

  2. Getting rid of fears- are you afraid to sing or discuss certain topics?In the chat, the interlocutor is selected randomly, so none of your friends will notice you.You can quickly get rid of complexes.

  3. Search for a soul mate- girls meet guys in a chat and vice versa, and often the language barrier is not a significant problem.Through chat, many people have found their soul mate, so what is stopping you from doing the same?

  4. Learning a language- the most expensive foreign language courses do not replace communication with a native speaker.In the chat you will find Spaniards, Italians, Americans, Greeks, Japanese, etc.So you can improve your knowledge as much as you want.

  5. Traveling- why not make friends with a person from another country and come to visit him?He will help you get a visa and find accommodation, as well as show you the city and the best sights.

This is a short list of your options.Remember that everything depends on your imagination, but be sure to act within the rules of our video chat.

Chat Roulette 603075

Chatrouletteis a popular and simple service that allows you to communicate anonymously with users from all over the world.

Meeting people on the street is a thing of the past.Make new friends all over the globe, chat, share experiences, showcase your talents and just enjoy unobtrusive light chatter.Chat Roulette is one of the largest chats in Runet with incredible attendance, which reaches hundreds of thousands of users every day!Communicate with Russian-speaking users from all over the world without experiencing any discomfort.No registration, no personal information, everything is simple and fast: download applications and click on the "start" button!

If you are embarrassed during live dating, are embarrassed to come up on the street and get to know each other first, then anonymous video chat is what you need!Make new friends, like-minded people, and maybe even a soul mate.

Chatroulette GooglMe - the best video chat for dating and chatting

Today, this chat is a unique and interesting way to overcome fears and embarrassment, find friends, start dating, start relationships.Now there is no need to write black letters on a white screen, it does not make sense to spend a lot of time on a grueling selection of phrases, since video chat opens up completely different facets.You just need to turn on your personal computer and go to Googleme, and everything else is a matter of chance.The peculiarity of this service is that you will always communicate with a stranger.Such intrigue excites consciousness and creates interest, each conversation is a new acquaintance, an informative conversation.

Fascinating conversations, long conversations are waiting for you, you will find many different people here, acquaintances and, perhaps, one of them will turn into something more.Remember that every girl is a worthy contender for your heart.Here everyone finds what they are looking for.

Video chat - random dating around the world

The main and main plus of the site is that you will never know with whom a new acquaintance will take place, a video call.An unusual chatroulette, through a non-standard choice, will find you a person for a conversation, give you communication, dating and a lot of positive emotions.Such conversations are always extraordinary, they teach people to be open and free, to quickly adapt to situations.

This chat roulette is not like all others, because you can start conversations at any time convenient for you.Regardless of when the conversation takes place day or night, you will always find a random interlocutor.Here you will find new acquaintances that can radically change your whole life.An unexpected interlocutor and a sea of ​​positive emotions - that's what awaits you if you visit our chat, which is open to you absolutely free of charge.

Googleme is easy and fast!

Recall that Googleme is an improved chat, where everything is very simple and fast.A user-friendly interface will help you easily navigate everything.There are millions of subscribers in the database who use chat as the best way to make calls.But the most important thing is that you do not have to look for the person with whom you would be pleased to talk, the web chat will make the choice for you.In chatroulette, everything is made as accessible as possible, which is the main advantage.

Do it with a webcam

Many people think that such a video chat cannot replace real communication, but the feedback from the participants confirms something completely different.In this case, the Internet will allow you to get close to, until recently, a stranger so well that you will feel him very close.The same thing happens when communicating in the Premium version of the roulette video chat, you can verify this by reading the reviews about KuMit.

In order for communication to take place, you need:

The communication that you get here will not be forgotten, it will not be ordinary, and the interlocutor will allow you not only to speak out, but also to learn a lot of cognitive things.An improved and very exciting video chat roulette will teach you to be open, deprive you of complexes.

Perhaps you are wondering why chatrandom - the answer here is simple - is a modern chat that is aimed only at positive communication and pleasant conversations.There is no deception here, because real people are participating in the conversations.Such a chat eliminates all the difficulties, and gives advantages.There is nothing more interesting than making this kind of acquaintance and finding interesting people.

Your webcam will open up opportunities for you, and intelligence and the ability to communicate will become the key to successful video calls.Absolutely all new acquaintances can become long-term, maybe it will remain friendship, or maybe you will meet your destiny.We would like to remind you that everything is possible in chatroulette, and therefore you should not exclude such a possibility.Our roulette through the camera can be the tool that will give you the main surprise, because the girl may well be the one you were looking for.

Only on GooglMe every guy and every girl has every chance to meet their love.In a random video chat, there are many coincidences and exceptions, sometimes there are disappointments, but communication is always not the most common.An undeniable, or rather, the main plus is that video chat around the world is a new and interesting activity for everyone.

The best online dating!

So, today an interesting web chat is open for you, which is not like other services.If you were looking for a free video chat for yourself, Googleme is the best option.Through chatroulette you will make an interesting call every time, laugh together, learn a lot of useful information.You don’t have to download it, because the roulette determines who you will communicate with, literally, in a few seconds, a cute girl will appear on the screen and give you a smile.Then you will start communication, choose a topic of conversation, start to get to know each other.A quick and random choice will be very successful, and you will forget that you are participating in chatroulette, the distance will be erased.

Googleme will be your salvation from boredom and sad nights

Now you do not need to worry that you have no one to talk to, the chat will open up a completely new space for you via the Internet.There will always be an interlocutor for you, the roulette will choose him, and you will get rid of the loneliness that is difficult for you.Only in our analogue of Chatroulette you will be able to appreciate the importance of conversations and conversations.

Chatroulette - Your Video Chat

Video chat roulette is more than half a million users from Russia and CIS countries every day.But not only this makes it the most popular Russian-language chatroulette.

Video chat roulette provides unique opportunities for communication that you will not find on any other chat roulette.Do you want to make sure of this?

Chatroulette is as easy as shelling pears

You press "start" - and the chat roulette itself selects an interlocutor for you.And it does it instantly, you don't even have to register.And most importantly - no monthly fee, come in and chat for free!Simplicity and convenience is the main motto and the secret of chatroulette popularity.

Random acquaintances?With Video Chat - no problem!

Even just talking to a stranger on the street is not an easy task for many.What to say about dating.Girls are afraid to seem intrusive, guys are stopped by the likelihood of rejection.Try to guess if the person is ready to communicate with you.Of course, you can surrender to the will of your shyness, admitting defeat, give in to the fear of "disgrace" in front of everyone.You can still dream about getting to know each other by itself.Where to go, how to solve this problem?

Social networks are for those who are already familiar.Chatroulette is the correct answer.You do not need to worry: the person you meet in the video chat is already ready for communication.It's just a matter of saying "hello".

Meet and Say Goodbye Easily

Led to a spectacular appearance, and the interlocutor turned out to be an uninteresting bore?How many times already on the first date, after talking with a person just a little, did you want to turn around and run away?But the rules of politeness forced to continue boring communication, overcoming yawning and irritation.

In chatroulette, to solve this problem, just click the "next" button, and the video chat will switch you to a new interlocutor.Leave in English, communicate only with those people with whom you are interested!

Webcam is another plus

Communication and dating have become easier with the advent of the Internet.But dating sites and text chats do not allow you to get to know a person as well as face-to-face video chat.Why erase your fingers on the keyboard, if you can hear and see the interlocutor?And it’s not so easy to understand a person only by letters and emoticons from a faceless nickname.They will not replace live communication.

Again, you can put someone else's photo on the avatar - many scammers do this.In chatroulette, you can’t cheat like that - you see and hear the interlocutor in real time.With a webcam it is much more convenient to make new acquaintances!

Away with boredom and loneliness!

Everyone has moments when communication is lacking.Something that you can easily share with a random fellow traveler, you just don’t want to talk with friends and relatives.Chatroulette is an inexhaustible source of such "random fellow travelers" - people about whom you know nothing and who do not know you.And that means there is nothing to be afraid of.The video chat is anonymous, no one will be able to find out more about you than you yourself want to share.

In chatroulette you will find everything: from cheerful, unobtrusive communication on frivolous topics to sincere conversations “heart to heart”.

Laugh and discuss your favorite series?Easily!Meet the love of your life?Give it a try and see if it works for you ;)

Chatroulette for mobile gadgets

Do you want to communicate with old friends or find new ones not only at home or at work, but also on trips, as well as in any place convenient for you?Video chat rouletteis now with you in mobile phones.A lunch break, a long trip in transport is not a reason to be bored.At this time, you can get acquainted and communicate with otherchatrouletteusers online.

The version of the program for smartphones is adapted to the screens of various mobile devices.You will be able to use all functions without restrictions.The main thing is to have access to the Internet.

Video chat features

  1. With new interlocutors.To find friends, like-minded people or even a soul mate, you just need to turn on the camera, click on the corresponding button on the screen and start choosing a companion.You can make interesting acquaintances with residents from any country in the world.

  2. Chat with a friend.Have you already met any of the users of videoroulette?Feel free to click on the button on the phone screen "Chat with a friend", send the link that appears to a friend and start communication without borders and registration.

  3. With video broadcast.Video chat with girlsor guys can be done with video, i.e.users will be able to see and hear each other almost as if they were meeting in person.This makes communication even more interesting and educational.

  4. By SMS.Not sure whether to start a more “close” acquaintance, start chatting inchat roulette with a girlor a guy via SMS.Messages, like calls, are protected by encryption.Unauthorized persons will not be able to penetrate your personal correspondence.

To start exciting acquaintances, it is enough to have a mobile phone and Internet access at hand.You can chat or callvideo chatparticipants from anywhere in the world.

Who is our service for?

Residents of all countries of the world, regardless of age, profession and hobbies, can communicate invideo chat roulette.To start unforgettable acquaintances, just click on the “Start” button.

Chatrouletteis open togirlsand guys who choose a modern, easy and interesting way to communicate.

Advantages of mobile chatroulette

  1. You don't need to download the program.All you have to do is visit our website.For ease of use and quick access, we recommend adding Chatroulette to your browser bookmarks.

  2. Endless possibilities for communication.Video chat roulettecan be played with girls or boys, age and place of residence do not matter.

  3. Simplicity and ease of use.No need to make complicated settings, go through a lengthy registration, make a payment by SMS, just open the site and get to know each other.

  4. 100% privacy.Users are not required to enter personal information, enter an email address, or enter a phone number.

  5. Comfortable communication.If for some reason you didn’t like the interlocutor, in thechat roulettethere is an opportunity to “scroll through” it by clicking on the “Next” button.

You can visit the site at any time of the day or night, regardless of the calendar date.You are guaranteed to find thousands of girls and guys online who are ready to start chatting right now.Join theroulette video chat, start looking for an interlocutor and you are guaranteed to have an entertaining and unusual free time.

Chat roulette

About the company: All users of the video chat are encouraged to read the FAQ/FAQ and other pages, links to which can be found in the group.Do not offer promotional messages, calls to add friends, greetings and other messages that are not news of the service as group news - they will not be published.Website: https://videochatru.com



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Chatroulette https://chatruletka.com/ is rapidly gathering around itself not only TV stars, but also YouTube stars.

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Chatruletka is a videochat to meet and communicate with people all over the world.Comparing to Chatroulette, it has hundreds..

In the popular show "Evening Urgant" has become a permanent section in which Ivan Urgant communicates with a celebrity with visitors to our Chatroulette - https://chatruletka.com/

Most recently, Urgant spoke in our video chat with Timati

Chatruletka is a videochat to meet and communicate with people all over the world.Comparing to Chatroulette, it has hundreds..

A pleasant surprise for iOS users who have not been able to use our video chat for a long time!

In gratitude for their patience, we decided to do more than just Chatroulette for them - Chat Rules application for iPhone and iPad

The Chat Rules app is already available in the Apple Store, join us!

Perhaps someone does not know, but we have an international version of Chatroulette with the ability to choose the country of the interlocutor: https://chatruletka.com/

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Chat with us in the video chat roulette!

Now many people communicate in chatroulette.And all because communication via SMS or on social networks no longer brings pleasure due to the fact that people do not see each other or one of the interlocutors may present incorrect information.

Chatroulette is what?

This is live communication through a webcam, when each of the interlocutors sees the face, emotions of another person.It is also not forbidden to communicate using audio or text chat.Each of the chat guests gets to a random interlocutor, whom the roulette wheel chooses for him.If you didn’t like the conversation with the person or you don’t have the same topics for communication, then at any moment you can leave the conversation, find another listener.The basic principle of the chat is a random listener or interlocutor who you will not meet during the next conversation.The exception is that you can add him as a friend.

Our chats are anonymous.This means that no one will know about your correspondence or conversation.Registration in chatrouletteis also not required.All chats of our roulette are free, and visitors do not have to download anything.

Our site has a large number of chat rooms where you can communicate without restrictions with strangers.You can communicate without restrictions with residents of Europe, Belarus, Russia, the USA, Germany and other countries.Choose a chat and communicate without restrictions here and now.And so that visitors are always interested, we always replenish the range of chats, introduce various tools for the convenience of your communication.

Dating and chatting in chatroulette online is fun!

Chatrouletteis primarily a site for communication, new acquaintances, meeting for friends.The site has various chat rooms for video communication around the world.But there are also text and audio chats.And if you don’t want something interesting, then we have a bot - an interlocutor.

In order to communicate in video format, you need to purchase a microphone, webcam, headphones, laptop or computer.If it is not yet possible to use a webcam, then communication is possible in text format, in other words, just chat.

Of course, nothing can replace video chat.Here it seems that the communication takes place on a real basis.And the chat has such an opportunity that several people can communicate at the same time.For example, Multichat has such capabilities.

What is common between Video chat live and Video chat roulette?

Video chat live isa unique opportunity to have a conversation with a person or people who live not so far away, but also many kilometers away.At the beginning of communication, no one knows what kind of person they will come across for a conversation.But you can configure some search parameters: gender, age, country.At the same time, communication takes place in a free format.

In order to start contacting another person, you need to enter the chat of interest, turn on the webcam, and the roulette will pick up a random interlocutor.

Video chatroulette isnot just a live chat.Often people find their soul mate here.For such a search, you can use the Internet.Our roulette will replace any dating site, and you will not need to pay anything.In addition, during communication, if a person is to your liking, then you can exchange contacts with him: social networks, Skype, phone number, other means of communication.And after that, both friendship and a date, a wedding are possible.

In search of communication, you will not regret that you have come to our chat.After all, we have created the best updated tools for communication.

Anonymous chat roulette, Russia 17+

The best anonymous online chatting app that has gathered 25,000,000+ people to find new friends and dating.

Chat with strangers about anything.Make new friends, ask questions.Share secrets or just kill time.No one will judge you because no one will be able to know who you are!

App anti-features:⁃ no names⁃ no history⁃ no ads⁃ no pay⁃ no spam⁃ no robots⁃ no dangers

AntiLand is a secure, anonymous text messaging service.Your personal data is not stored or shared, so no one can find out your name or phone number.There are only two things that make you different: your adorable avatar and your speech.

All messages in chat rooms are securely encrypted and self-deleted.Only the last 50 messages remain in each chat.Be careful not to miss a cool story or compromising photo.


AntiLand does not show ads.Plus, this chat is 100% free: no donations or in-app purchases.

We carefully work to ensure that your communication in the chat is convenient.Therefore, we came up with a special anti-spam and anti-flood system.It recognizes spammers and disqualifies them from the social network.

All our chats are attended exclusively by live people online.Meet cute guys, single girls and friendly teenagers.Chat with people, not bots.

AntiLand is designed for both teenagers and adults.Our automated analytics filters pre-moderate all text and photos to keep discussions socially safe.In addition, every active user can join our rapidly growing team of admins to create new rules and control the order.

Each user can subscribe to a Super Power that gives them options such as:- access to over 100 additional adorable avatars- top positions of your private chats in the list of other users- twice as much karma for each message sent- the ability to choose a color for your messages- profile highlighting in chats- online status management- premium supportAuto-renewable subscription.There are two plans available: 1 month, 12 months.You can opt out at any time.Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.Your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.The amount of the next payment will be debited within 24 hours before the end of the current period.You can manage your subscriptions in your phone's iTunes & App Store settings.

What is chatroulette in detail

Today, many are experiencing a lack of communication.This is due to the fact that most simply do not have time for dating.People are actively building a career, solving various problems, or simply do not know how to start an interesting dialogue with a stranger and express themselves on the positive side.However, the problem with communication can be solved very quickly.Chatroulette is the first assistant in this.This is a kind of alternative for communicating on social networks with friends and loved ones.

Chatroulette is not only about the opportunity to expand the circle of acquaintances at times.In this case, a person learns to behave correctly in non-standard situations and communicate with people who differ in age, worldview, income level, interests, and more.The experience can be very interesting and exciting.This is about getting out of your comfort zone and the opportunity to fully reveal your potential in communication.Here it will no longer be possible to use standard phrases and adhere to established algorithms.

Chatroulette is a live communication using a webcam.In this case, the interlocutors see each other and communicate directly.However, it is also possible to communicate via text chat or audio.Everyone has the right to choose.People always fall for random interlocutors.They never know with whom they will have to build a dialogue next.It's amazing that it can be a neighbor or a person from another country.You can leave the conversation at any time if something does not like or goes wrong.In the future, it will not be difficult to find another conversation partner.

The system ensures that random participants do not repeat themselves.The chance of meeting again is extremely low.That is why you can behave openly and naturally.However, if you wish, it is possible to add the interlocutor as a friend if he seemed interesting and there is a desire to continue acquaintance.

Chatroulette is anonymous.Users can expect a high privacy threshold.You can communicate absolutely free of charge and in the "non-stop" mode.You don't need to download anything.Hurry up to develop your communication skills and find really interesting interlocutors online.

Chat Roulette 603075

Chat Roulette is a video chat that allows you to anonymously communicate with other users via Android.Unlike most similar applications, the program does not require you to bind either email addresses or phone numbers.It attracts the attention of users and the absence of the need to come up with a password and login, even register.All you need to get started is a stable internet connection.

Operating Instructions

To get started with video chat you will need:

  1. Launch the application, allowing access to the microphone and selfie camera on Android, with the help of which chatting is carried out.

  2. Open a chat and talk or chat with an automatically selected interlocutor.

The choice is made randomly, fully justifying the name of the application.Two people are connected to each other, and the interface of the ChatRoulette program is divided in half vertically.An image from the front camera of the interlocutor appears in the upper part of the screen, in the lower half there is a small window with a picture shown by the user's selfie camera.If the participants in the conversation did not like each other or at least one of them is not in the mood for communication, the video chat is easily reset, after which the search for a new interlocutor begins.

Key features

Among the main advantages of ChatRoulette is ease of use - you do not need to study instructions to work with the program.The application is free, without restrictions on functionality.Other positive points:

  1. Many customization options, including changing (reducing or increasing) the size of the window and flipping the image.

  2. The function of sending text messages to the interlocutor.

  3. Complete anonymity.Chatroulette for Android does not allow you to get information about the user, including name, phone number, and even place of residence.The interlocutors communicate information to each other if such a desire arises.

  4. Opportunity to communicate with people from any country in the world.

Despite the anonymity, the program provides some security to the participants.Compliance with the rules is monitored around the clock by moderators, who can complain about violations of the rules: insults, indecent offers, rudeness or threats.Rule-abiding users have virtually unlimited self-expression.

You can download Chat Roulette for Android for free from the direct link below.

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